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Organ Restoration

Administered by the Fort Snelling Memorial Chapel Foundation

The W. W. Kimball pipe organ (serial number KPO-7066) of the Fort Snelling Veterans Memorial Chapel was in need of restoration.

In 1928, various veterans groups and related auxiliaries donated the organ to this uniquely pan-sectarian chapel … belonging to the people of the State of Minnesota. It was formally dedicated in March of 1929.

Since its installation, the organ has been in continuous service — used each Sunday (11:00 a.m.) at the Chapel’s non-denominational worship service, at weekend weddings, and at weekday funerals for the many, many veterans being laid to rest at the Fort Snelling National Cemetery. For all of these events, the organ plays an important role.

The time came in 2003 to restore this historic pipe organ to its original condition. The expenditure for a complete restoration was $94,000. The Foundation assumed the formidable role as project manager of the W.W. Kimball Pipe Organ Restration Project.

We are pleased to share with you the good news—after a year the restoration of the Kimball pipe organ is complete and the organ is back home at the historic Fort Snelling Veterans Memorial Chapel. This was no small task. The organ builder, Roland Rutz of Rutz Organ Company, estimates 34,700 feet of wire was replaced; over 7,500 solder connections were made; and many leather skins were replaced. Rutz states, "It was a great honor for our company to be chosen to do the restoration of this historically important instrument for the thousands of veterans, their families and friends who will hear this instrument in full voice for the first time in many decades."

The Foundation has successfully raised the $94,000 through both private and organizational giving. All future gifts to this fund are being held in a dedicated fund for future organ maintenance. Your gift will be recorded on the list of donors and kept as part of the archives of this beautiful, historic chapel.

For more pictures of the Kimball organ, visit our Gallery.

There are a couple of ways you can contribute to this project:

Use the “Make A Gift” selection at this website to send a gift electronically over a secured internet line or send a check to the Foundation office at:

Ft. Snelling Memorial Chapel Foundation
9031 Penn Ave. S.
Bloomington, MN 55431

Be certain to label your check “Organ Restoration Project.”