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Weekly Bulletin Archive

PRO DEO ET PATRIA (Latin, meaning For God and Country) is prepared each week by Chaplain Beale to provide you with both inspiration and contemplation. The content focuses on our national motto -- "One Nation Under God" -- highlighting our glorious past, energetic present, and challenging future. Dr. Beale is the pastor of Fort Snelling Memorial Chapel Foundation.  It is produced as an individual work and is not intended to imply the opinions of the Chapel Foundation.  According to the Foundation's Charter, the purpose of this non-denominational Christian, non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization, is "to promote and encourage public interest, appreciation, and understanding of Fort Snelling Veterans Memorial Chapel in historic Fort Snelling State Park, Minnesota as a spiritual center of religious, historic and patriotic activities."

Documents are available in Adobe PDF format.

Pro Deo Et Patria by date: